IBK is an English kindergarten (nursery school and preschool) that provides English education for young children in Osaka City.

Recruit Info


Application Guideline

Job English Teacher (Non Japanese)
General teaching children using English
Occuption International Pre School English Teacher
Position  ・Head Teacher
・Part Time Teacher
Teaching experiences are necessary.
Location Near Nakazaki-cho Station,Umeda Station,Osaka city
Applicant If you are interested in any of the positions of for further information,
please feel free to contact us for more information.
To apply, please e-mail/fax your resume/CV.
Comment ・Seeking enthusiastic and reliable PT teachers.
Human resources
◆ Compassionate and affectionate
◆ Value natural balance
◆ Healthy both physically and mentally

Based on these, we develop childcare and educational activities in an English environment.

You can work with us to create the best environment for children who will shine in the future.
We are waiting for applications from motivated people.

* Please contact us for details on the types of jobs currently being recruited and other conditions.